Top 10 Companies in South Africa 2016

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4. Sasol

Sasol Limited is a pioneer oil and gas company which develops and commercializes technologies including synthetic fuels, liquid fuels, chemicals and electricity integrated energy.

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It is structured into two business units – Mining division and E&P of oil and gas., where the mining division operates six coal mines that supply feed-stock for Secunda and Sasolburg complexes of South Africa. While the coal supplied to Sasol Synfuels is used for gasification of feed-stock and generating electricity, the Sasolburg coal is used to generate steam and electricity.


Sasol Exploration and Production International (SEPI) develops and manages the upstream fields in Mozambique, South Africa, Canada, Gabon and Australia. They build and operate world-class facilities producing a range of high-value products like stream, chemicals, liquid fuels and low-carbon electricity. It is further organized into two upstream business units, three regional operating subunits and four customer-facing strategic business units, which combine their technological capabilities and field knowledge to drive progress and sustainably deliver long-term shareholder value.

The group envisions growing sustainably and inclusively while delivering value to its stakeholders through a wining mix of technology and the knowledge about the energy and chemical market both in Southern Africa and the rest of the world. It not only recognizes the role played by all its stakeholders in ensuring long term success but has inculcated good corporate practices into its actions and behavior. Sasol strongly believes in giving back to the society and hails to be South Africa’s largest investors in capital projects, skills development and technological research and development. In partnership with the South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation (SANYOF), Sasol has won the Youth Development Award in the Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) Awards.

Sales (in bn $): 13.3

Profits (in bn$): 1.4

Assets (in bn $): 24.4

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