Top 10 Power Companies in World 2016

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5. Korea Electric Power, South Korea

More popularly known as KEPCO, the Korea Electric Power Corporation is the largest power corporation in South Korea.

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All in all, it is responsible for more than 93% of Korea’s power generation, and it was founded almost 55 years ago in July 1961 and its current headquarters are located at Naju, South Jeolla, South Korea. The current president and CEO is Cho Hwan-Ik and provides the daily bread earnings to more than 20000 employees.


Major businesses for the company are the generation, transmission and distribution of power simultaneously giving support for major electric power projects including but not limited to nuclear power, wind power and coal.

Ranked 271 on the Fortune Global 500 list of 2011, the company received good credit ratings from almost all major rating companies like Moody’s and Fitch. It is a majorly government owned company with the South Korean government holding 51% shares of KEPCO. IT has primary listings on the Korea Exchange as 015760 and secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange as KEP. Having an installed capacity of over 65, 000 MW, the company operates through a number of its affiliates and subsidiaries. It is also a prominent member of the World Nuclear Association, World Energy Council and also the World association of Nuclear Operators.


Sales: $ 51.727 bn

Assets: $ 147.337 bn

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