Top 10 Power Companies in World 2016

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3. Enel, Italy

Third on our ranking is Enel of Italy which was formed in November 1962 as a public body where Enel stood for Ente nazionale per l’energia elettrica (National Entity for Electricity).

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It then underwent organizational change in 1992, transforming it into a limited company, and the company headquarters are located at Rome, Italy and the current CEO is Francesco Starace. This year the company changed its logo from a sun with a tree and 9 rays to a logo now depicting only its name.


The 9 rays of the sun in the earlier logo represented the various services offered by the company. Traded as ENEL over the Borsa Italiana Stock Exchange, the company’s major shareholder is the Italian government with 25.5% of the company’s shares. The company also forms a Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index component.

The company provide for the bread and better to over 70, 000 employees and functions through numerous subsidiaries like Enel Energia, Enel Sole, Enel Trade, Enel Servizio Elettrico etc. The company has its operations in over 30 countries is currently the 56th largest in the world by revenues collected. In its yester years, the company grew rapidly by means of acquisitions. Some of the initial companies to be acquired were SIP, Piedmont, SADE, Veneto, SRE Lazio etc.

The company recently partnered with the Coca-Cola company and Givewatts to promote the consumption of renewable energy in Kenyan rural areas, by means of distributing Solar Lanterns to schools in the territory.


Sales: $ 82.164 bn

Assets: $ 175.040 bn

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