Top 10 Companies in UK 2016

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2. BP

BP is also known as British Petroleum. It world’s seventh biggest oil and gas companies.

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It is headquartered in London in United Kingdom, and is one of the largest company by market capitalization in oil and gas companies. It is one of those oil companies which is vertically integrated which is operated in production, refining distribution and exploration, and is recognized as a global brand.


It has growing interest in renewable energy in the field of biofuel and wind energy. The company has 17,200 servicing stations which includes 7000 service stations in U.S. It has the largest division in United States of America. BP has 20% stake in Rosnet. Rosnet is largest oil and Gas Company publicly traded. BP is also listed on London Stock Exchange. Like many other major companies of U.K. this too constituent of FTSE 100 index.

BP has been providing fuel the world over and is extremely popular brand across the world. It provides high quality petrol and gasoline compatible with the latest cars to ensure high performance. BP has evolved to become a leading oil and gas company across the world, and is also financial stable.


Revenue(Bil $): 225.98

Profit(Bil $): -6.4

Assets(Bil $): 261.80

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