Top 10 Companies in Australia 2016

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8. Macquarie Group

The Macquarie Group was established in 1969 and it started its operations in 1970 from Sydney with only three staff members.

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Today, the group is known as one of the largest financial services and global investment banking group providing financial advisory, investments, funds management to both retail and corporate customers. It is the top ranked M&A advising firm in Australia and is the largest Australian investment bank.

Macquarie has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors by focusing on new products and geographies, building expertise and expanding into adjacent areas.

Macquarie has more than 14000 staff, across 18 countries in more than 70 global office locations. The group clocked 11 Billion dollars in revenue with 1.5 billion in profits in 2015. Macquarie has a rich history of acquisition of companies for its inorganic growth. In 2015, it acquired Australia’s largest mobile phone towers’ owners, Crown Castle for an undisclosed amount. In January 2015, it acquired a stake in an offshore wind park for 720 million pounds. The Group is led by Nicholas Moore as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. The company has a 47-year record of unbroken profitability. The company was once called as the “Millionaire Factory” for its high profits and executive rewords. The company has received multiple awards over the years for the Best Investment Bank Australia, Best Australian M&A House and Deal of the Year.

The Group has a horizontal and vertical structure. Macquarie Capital, Securities, Asset Management, Commodities and Financial markets, Banking and Financial services and Corporate Asset finance group form its verticals. In the horizontals, it has Risk management, Legal and Governance, Financial management and Corporate operations group.

Revenue = $11.2 bn

Profits = $1.5 bn

Assets= $118.7 bn

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