Top 10 Companies in Australia 2016

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7. Telstra

Telstra, also known as Telstra Communications Limited is the largest media and telecommunications company in Australia.

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Founded over 40 years ago in 1975, it is headquartered in Melbourne, it originated as a part of Government with the Australia Post. The company has now been fully privatized and builds and operates telecom networks and sells voice, internet access, mobile, pay television.

Telstra has been able to retain the market leader position in telecom services through a strategy of providing calls at lower rates across specific routes even though its average cost is higher that its rivals. Telstra operates 360 retail stores across Australia known as “Telstra Stores”. Operating across the Asia Pacific for more than 70 years with 3000 employees in 22 countries, Telstra provides services to hundreds of government and business customers.

The company’s revenue was 20.2 billion dollars in 2015 with 3.2 billion dollars as profit. Telstra is also the largest provider of Australian e-health services. It also supports entrepreneurs in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore through muru-D, a startup accelerator program. Andy Penn serves as Telstra’s Chief Executive Officer.

Telstra’s digital arm is one of the highlights of the group which was founded in February 2011. Its aim is to boost the use of digital channels for its business and customers. In 2015, the group announced that around 50% of its business was completed digitally. Telstra has also received the 2016 EMC Cloud Service Partner of the Year Award. It also ranks high among the companies in Australia with respect to workplace gender diversity. For its future growth, Telstra has announced that it will focus on three pillars- improving customer advocacy, driving values from the core and building new business growth.

Revenue = $20.2 bn

Profits = $3.2 bn

Assets= $30.9 bn

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