Top 10 Telecom Companies in USA 2016

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Telecom companies have revolutionized the world and ever since the penetration of smartphones, the impact of telecom companies have increased manifold. In US, telecom services provide calling, data plans, broadband and much more to customers. The top telecom companies in USA include brands like AT&T, Verizon Communications, Comcast, T- Mobile & Sprint, along with companies like DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, DISH Network, Cox Communications and CenturyLink. Here is the list of the top 10 telecom companies in USA 2016.

10. Charter Communications

This American cable telecommunications company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States.

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The company is the 2nd largest cable operator in terms of number of subscribers in the United States and 10th largest telephone provider on the basis of residential subscriber lines. The company has its key markets in South, Midwest, Southwest and west, and the company serves 19 million broadband customers.

It also serves 17 million video subscribers, for it provides a full range of services to both business and residential subscribers including high-speed Internet, cable TV, Voice over IP telephone, and other entertainment packages in addition to its Charter Business unit providing data networking, Internet access, wireless and phone backhaul services to about 500,000 clients commercially. The company has around 300 service support and call-handling offices across the US. But it is important to note that Video is the biggest revenue generating segment of all around 50%, followed by Internet, and then Commercial and Voice with Advertising etc.

The company had a revenue of $9.75 billion in the financial year ending 2015. Charter Communications recently acquired Time Warner Cable, previously a strong competitor in the telecommunications market, and Bright House Networks for a sum total of $70 billion in 2016. This deal expanded the reach of the company, which has then taken the recent name Charter Spectrum.

The company consistently focuses on the strategy of providing services as a complete package like most of its competitors that includes providing Internet access, voice, and other related data services. In the recent years the company has noticed rises in Internet, telephone and enterprise subscribers count, though video subscribers have declined in both commercial and residential customers and also has realized that its network and services requires further substantial investment in the highly competitive environment.

Revenue (in $ billions): 17.9

No. of subscribers (in millions): 6.2

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