Top 10 Airlines in the World 2016

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9. Ryanair

Ryanair is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and is among the leading global airline brands worldwide.

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This Irish low cost airline was the largest European airlines by number of scheduled passengers carried as well as the busiest international passenger airline by passenger numbers . This airline was founded in 1984, and it grew rapidly due to success of its low-cost model and as a result of deregulation of aviation industry in Europe.


Its network servers primarily Europe, Morocco and Israel. Despite its financial success, the airline saw a decline in perception with a reputation for hidden fees, bad customer service, and bad attitude towards customers. Making the situation worse was its CEO Micheal O’Leary who made controversial statements on various issues. It came out with a new strategy to overhaul its image.

It moved beyond the price slashing model and introduced its three year “Always Getting Better” Programme. It has a team of more than 10,000 trained staff that enables it to deliver Europe’s number 1 on time performance. It operates more than 1,800 flights from its 84 bases daily to 200 destinations across 33 countries. It has a policy of operating only Boeing 737-800 that enables it to bring down costs of operation. Also the average age of aircrafts is only 5.5 years that gives it higher fuel efficiency compared to older aircrafts. The average age of aircraft is set to reduce further with introduction of newer aircrafts in the future. Also a high load factor of 88% allows it to provide cheaper tickets by utilizing aircrafts to its full capacity. It is targeting to carry more than 160 million customers annually by FY 2024.

Sales: $ 7 bn

Profit: $ 1.7 bn

Assets: $ 12.3 bn

Market Value: 18.7 bn

Fleet Size: 356

Destinations: 192

Passengers Carried: 101.4 million

Company Slogan: Low Fares Made Simple / 30 Years of Low Fares / Always Getting Better

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