Top 10 Airlines in the World 2016

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3. Lufthansa

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Lufthansa is the largest German Airline and a globally recognized airline.

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Combined with its subsidiaries it becomes Europe’s largest airline in terms of fleet size and passengers carried. Its name derives from ‘Luft’ meaning air in Germany and ‘Hansa’, a commercial and defensive merchant guild from the 14th century, and it is a globally recognized brand name in the aviation industry.


Founded in 1953, it operates from its hubs in Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport. It provides services to 18 domestic destinations and 197 international destinations spread across 78 countries across the globe. It was also one of the five founding members of Star Alliance formed in 1997. Lufthansa used to be state owned and the flag carrier till 1994. At present majority of its shares (60% stake) are owned by institutional investors while the rest are owned by private individuals.

Combined with its subsidiaries it owns 615 aircrafts, one of the largest fleets in the world. The group carried 107 million passengers in 2015 .It uses its subsidiaries to provide point to point connectivity. The number of employees stood at roughly 120 thousand employees.

Its growth strategy depends on three pillars. It is the number one premium airline network in Europe. Its focus is to improve margins from these brands. It wants to achieve profitable growth in its Eurowings division, aimed at price sensitive customers, that holds number one position in home markets and its aviation services – Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Technik – that are number one in aviation services worldwide.

The Eurowings division suffered a major setback when one of its plane, flying between Spain and Germany, crashed in France in March, 2015. The resulting losses from the crash and decreased morale of the organization led to significant costs for the Eurowings division.

Sales: $ 35.5 bn

Profit: $ 1.9 bn

Assets: $ 36.3bn

Fleet Size: 268 (excluding all subsidiaries)

Destinations: 220

Passengers Carried: 107.7 million

Company Slogan: Nonstop you.

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