Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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With the smartphone market growing by leaps and bounds every year, newer and advanced versions of smartphone operating systems are coming out. Here we present the list of the top smartphone operating systems in the world. The list includes Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Blackberry, Kindle, BADA, Samsung & LG. Here is the list of the top 10 smartphone operating systems in the world 2016. The list has been prepared according to the market share of the operating systems.

10. LG UX

Developed by LG electronics with its partners, LG UX is a touch interface.

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The UX is internally being used by LG for providing advanced features on tablets and smartphones and the UX is not available to be licensed by third parties to use in their mobile phones. The UX is also formally known as the Optimus UI, and it is present on around 0.01% of all smartphones sold in the world.


Optimus 4.1.2 is the latest version that has been released. It has been released on the Optimus Neo 3 and Optimus KII. Providing for voice shutter and quick memo, the new version features a more optimized and refined user interface.

In 2016, LG has announced the release of its LG UX 5.0 Marshmallow interface. The interface will be available for both all the upcoming LG smartphones also. The highlight of the new UI is the LG Friends Manager App. The app connects G5 to its friends’ modules and accessories. It first detects them automatically and downloads and installs the required apps from Play Store. The app displays a different control screen for every other LG friend. Upon pairing with the camera, the app displays the various shooting modes available on the smartphone. The app also lets the user easily manage the files and images through its interactive and user friendly app. Other advanced features like pinch based zooming, auto enhanced gesture selfie shots are the attractive additions in the UX. Another new feature of the interface is the combination of the app drawer and the home screen, which is being called the new LG Home. However, users who prefer the traditional style of the interface can also download the version of their choice and continue using it.

Market share = 0.01%

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