Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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Bada is a smartphone operating system developed by Samsung electronics. The name Bada refers to the sea in the Korean language or the ocean.

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The operating system is available for mid to high end smartphones, and the operating system reportedly has a 0.01% market share in the smartphone operating system market across the world. To enhance the installed user base of the operating system, Samsung has been pondering since 2011 to release the source code of the operating system and including devices like Smart TVs that support it.


As Samsung’s Android based devices are branded under the name Galaxy, Bada based smartphones are branded as the Wave. However, Samsung has been reported to stop further development of the operating system and merge it with the Tizen project. According to Samsung, Bada is not an operating system but a kernel configurable platform architecture which can be used by a real time proprietary operating system or a Linux Kernel.

The beta version of the software was first released by Samsung in May 2010. It also started a developer challenge for a prize of $2700000 to attract talented developers and enhance the software. The version 1.0 of the SDK was released in August 2010. The first phone supporting the operating system was Samsung Wave S8500. Bada 2.0 version was released at the IFA Berlin in 2011 and had many features like WAC 2.0 compatibility, full HTML5 support, Adobe Flash Lite 4, Text to Speech, Smart wallpapers, new camera manager, new GUI and OpenAL.

The Samsung wave has a dedicated application store, Samsung Apps, which has over 2400 applications. This application store is also available for other Android based smartphones as well.

Market share = 0.01%

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