Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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8. Kindle

Also known as Amazon Fire OS, Kindle is a mobile smartphone operating system based on Android.

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It was developed by Amazon for use in its Kindle Fire tablets and Fire phones, and Fire OS is content driven with heavy advertising and content passing from Amazon’s website. In the beginning it was only a customized distribution of Android and Amazon later started referring to it as Kindle Fire with the release of third generation Fire tablets like the Fire HDX models and the Fire HD 2nd generation.


The operating system commands a small market share of 0.01% in the world smartphone market. Kindle OS provides Amazon with a customized interface through which Amazon can advertise its content available through web services, Amazon Appstore, Amazon MP3 and Amazon Video.

The home screen of the OS displays the recently accessed apps and contents with the favorite apps pinned below it. Different types of apps for cooking, music, games, downloads are provided through Amazon’s contents. The users can search the Amazon store for related contents and products as well. Quick reading of notifications is facilitated by the sliding of the home screen from the top like in Android. GoogleReads, Facebook and other apps can be seamlessly integrated with the playback function of the operating system. The users can also look for supplemental information on the contents that they access. The OS system also features a parental advisory control with which parents can set restrictions for content access. Kindle Fire OS offers only authorized content from Amazon and do not offer services from Google Play Store. In lieu of Google’s applications like the Google Maps it offers services like Here Maps.

Market share = 0.01%

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