Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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6. Blackberry OS

The Blackberry OS is the proprietary mobile operating system developed by Blackberry for its set of smartphones.

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The closed source code was initially released in 1999 for Blackberry pagers with the recent release in 2013. The unique feature of the operating system is the ability to multitask and supporting Blackberry unique hardware devices like the trackball, track wheel, touchscreen and trackpad.


The Blackberry operating system is best known for its ability to synchronize seamlessly and wirelessly with mailing servers like Microsoft exchange server, Lotus. This ability has helped Blackberry to be the preferred brand amongst corporates when it comes to mobile devices. Black berry OS ceased to continue after the release of version 10 of the operating system but the support from Blackberry is still available. The operating system has a market share of 0.97% across the world mobile smartphone market.

Blackberry is also well known for its security and privacy standards with these features fortified by the anti-theft features which allows the device to be fully locked and frozen in case it gets stolen or lost. This feature ensures that the device cannot be activated or wiped by anybody else. Blackberry OS is also available on different devices like laptop, tablets etc. This enables the user to access their emails, notifications, messages across number of devices. It also provides access to both Android and Blackberry apps on Blackberry World and the Amazon Appstore. The Blackberry Personal Assistant is another popular feature of the operating system which is a voice based application that responds to user problems. The Blackberry Hub enables the users to quickly organize emails and messages without going inside them into different labels.

Market share = 0.97%

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