Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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4. Java ME

The Java ME, also known as Java Micro Edition, is a platform designed by Sun Microsystems and was later acquired by Oracle in 2010.

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Apart from mobile phones, it is used in industrial corridors and set-top boxes as well and the Java ME source code is under the GNU General Public Licensing and phoneme is the project name. The platforms of all Java ME versions are constrained to JRE 1.3 and are supposed to use class files up to that version only.


The devices supporting Java ME implement a profile. A profile is a subset of configuration and there are two known configurations- Connected Device Configuration and the Connected Limited Device Configuration. The Java ME is popular with sub $200 handsets of Nokia and was also used in the Symbian and the Bada operating systems in the 2000s. The current market share of Java ME is around 2%.

Recently, Oracle has committed itself to make Java the backbone for Internet of Things. The new version of Java Me which is Java ME8, enhances the already existing lines of Java enabled technologies. Recently it has been combined with the Java SE 8 to optimize the platform for advanced mobile and computing platforms. The new features of Java ME are to improve developer productivity, create compact and space optimized virtual machines, an increase in performance from earlier Java versions by up to 50%, better looking GUI and applications and tools for monitoring the run-time performance of the system with incident failure reports.

The Java ME platform provides for a robust and flexible environment for developing applications on set-top boxes, blue ray players, M2M modules, disc players and printers as well.

Market share = 1.81%

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