Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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3. Windows Phone

Initially released in 2010, Windows phone is a smartphone operating system designed by Microsoft Corporation as the successor to the Zune and Windows Mobile platforms.

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A new interface derived from Metro design language is the new feature of the operating system. With the Windows Phone, Microsoft is planning to target the consumer market rather than the enterprise market and it has been succeeded by the Windows 10 Mobile platform which is one of the ways by which the company is enhancing the adoption of its Windows 10 operating system.


It replaced Symbian as the primary mobile operating systems on Nokia phones when Microsoft and Nokia struck a deal in 2011. The deal was to rival the emergence of Android and iOS and its aim was to build a “global mobile ecosystem”. Following this, the deal was also integrating the use of Bing search on Nokia phones, integration of Bin Maps and Nokia Maps and merging of the Windows Store and Nokia store. After this, the first Windows Phone were the Nokia Lumia series that came out in the late 2011. The mobile operating system has around 3% of market share and is one of the most popular systems with Android and iOS.

The user interface in the Windows Phone is inspired by Zune. The Live Tiles make up the Start Screen and they are links to applications, functions, features and individual items. The tiles can be resized quite easily to suit the users’ choice. The operating system relies on multi touch technology and sorts a dark colored theme that supposedly enhances battery life because pixels emit less colors. The Internet Explorer is the default web browser for the Windows Phone with newer versions of the Phone using Microsoft Edge.

Market share = 3.26%

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