Top 10 Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2016

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2. iOS (Apple)

Created and distribute exclusively by Apple Inc., iOS is the proprietary mobile operating system of Apple.

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Released in 2007, the operating system presently has a 27.24% market share in the world smartphone operating system market and powers devices ranging from the iPhones, iPads, iPods to iTVs. The app store for iOS is known as the Apple Store and is the one of the most extensive app stores with over 1.4 million applications which have been collectively downloaded over 100 billion times.

The interface for the iOS supported devices are based on direct manipulation with multi touch gesture controls. Sliders, controls, switches and buttons make up the interface control. The interface is controlled with tap, swipe, pinch and reverse pinch and these gestures have a specific context and definition within the iOS environment. Some applications also use the internal accelerometers to determine the shake speed of the device or the rotation of the device in the 3D environment. New versions of the software are released annually with the recent version being released in May 2016.

The features of the interface provided by iOS are quite popular among the users. The home scree shows a tile based view of applications with the dock below it where the users can pin their most frequent applications. The iOS interface layout can be customized as well and this process is termed as jailbreaking. The Spotlight feature was added in iOS 3.0 which allows the users to search apps, emails, contacts, videos. The famous Siri is a part of the Spotlight feature of the operating system. Multitasking was introduced in the iOS 4.0 version and is now available across all the devices of Apple. iOS provides for a multiplayer online gaming network as well, known as Game Center.

Market share = 27.24%

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