Top 10 Hotels in India 2016

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7. Speciality Restaurants

Speciality Restaurants Limited is a restaurant company in India which is a leader in the hospitality industry.

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It was founded in 1992 in Mumbai by its founder Anjan Chatterjee, who currently works in the capacity of the Managing Director of the company, and while its head office is in the city of its founding Mumbai itself, it is registered in Kolkata. The company not only owns and operates its chain of multiple fine and casual dining restaurants in twenty five cities across the three countries (India, Tanzania and Bangladesh), it has also diversified its business by owning and managing confectionery stores.

The company’s tryst with the hotel and restaurant business started when its founder Anjan Chatterjee launched its first restaurant “Only Fish” in Mumbai back in 1992. Riding on the success of its maiden venture, the company went to launch two more brands by the names "Oh! Calcutta" and "Mainland China". These two new brands were also launched first in Mumbai in the year 1994. The reason that the brands went on to create ripples was that even though the country was beginning to witness a higher purchasing power, the market potential for authentic and tasty fine dining experience was untapped. While moving from the conventional over-crowded dining experiences to fine dining was a bold one, in the end it was what did the trick.

Specialty Restaurants has not only managed to please the Indian taste buds, it has also managed to attract investors through its IPO in 2012. With listings in both BSE and NSE stock exchanges, the company became the first fine dining restaurant in the stand-alone category to become a publically listed company. While rave reviews from their satisfied customers should alone be enough, they also have several awards to add to their credit – most awarded cuisine, Sweet Bengal among others. They soon plan to go more global than ever before.

Market Cap (Rs. cr): 439

Net Sales (Rs. cr): 321

Net Profit (Rs. cr): 0.26

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