Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the World 2016

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8. Grand Central Terminal

The Tourist Attraction that ranks 8th in our list of Top 10 Tourist Attractions of the world is Grand Central Terminal.

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Grand Central Terminal with its intricate designs both on its outside and inside and a vast interior main concourse is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions. Grand Central Terminal (GCT) is also referred to as Grand Central is a rapid transit (and former intercity), commuter railroad terminal situated at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in New York City, United States.


Grand Central Terminal covers 48 acres is one of the busiest railroad station of United States and is the station with the highest number of platforms (44 platforms - more than any other station in the world). These platforms which are all below ground, support 26 tracks on the lower level and 41 on the upper level.

GCT is owned by a private company known as Midtown TDR Ventures unlike other Metro stations, which are owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). GCT’s basements are among the largest in the New York City which also includes M42, a secret sub-station which does not appear on maps and is a closely guarded secret.

Major Attraction of GCT is the Main Concourse which is at the center of Grand Central. The main concourse is at 275X120X125 Cubic feet, which is often used as a meeting place and is filled with bustling crowds. At the center of the concourse is the main information booth on top of which is the four-faced brass clock which is the most identifiable icon of Grand Central.

Number of visitors: 21600000

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