Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the World 2016

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5. Union Station

The Tourist Attraction that ranks 5th in our list of Top 10 Tourist Attractions of the world is Union Station.

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A Major tourist attraction, transportation hub, major train station and a leisure destination, Union Station Washington DC was opened in 1907. Union Station is the railroad's second-busiest station and Amtrak's headquarters, with over 5 million annual riders, an average of more than 13000 passengers.


Around 200000 people used to pass though the Union Station on a single day during the World War II. In 1988, the original station was renovated and a new headhouse wing was added. Renovated station was used as a shopping mall. Today Union Station is one of the busiest shopping destinations and Rail facilities in USA and is visited by over 40 million people per annum and has many cafes, shops and Restaurants.

The entire track area of the station is divided into lower and upper levels. Tracks 1-6 of the station no longer exists. Tracks 7-20 are located in the upper-level and are served by high level bay platforms at the door level of most trains. Lower level consists tracks 22 to 29 and these tracks are served by low level platforms at the track level.

Columbus Circle has been renovated to address severely damaged roadbed, streamline the taxi stand, realign the passenger dropoff/ pickup locations, and to better house the popular tour bus attractions.

Number of visitors: 40000000

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