Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the World 2016

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2. The Zócalo

The Tourist Attraction that ranks 2nd in our list of Top 10 Tourist Attractions of the world is The Zócalo situated in Mexico.

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One more square/Intersection to adorn our list The Zócalo, the main square in central Mexico City. It was the chief ceremonial center during pre-colonial times in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan and it was known as "Arms Square" or "Main Square" and currently its official name is Plaza de la Constitución.


The Plaza de la Constitución derives its name from the Cádiz Constitution that was signed in the year 1812 in Spain. Construction of a column as a monument was planned in the location where Zocalo exists now, but only base (Plinth) was constructed which later was destroyed. Zócalo which means "plinth" or “Base” gets its name because of this. Many other Mexican cities have adopted the name Zocalo for naming their main plazas.

The Zocalo has been a congregation place since ages and has been the venue for many events such as the royal proclamations, swearing in of viceroys, Independence ceremonies military parades, and religious events such as the Corpus Christi and festivals of Holy Week. It has received several foreign heads of state and is the primary site for both national protest and national celebration. This plaza also hosts many impromptu shows of Aztec dancers wearing anklets made of concha shells and feathered headdresses.

Zocalo has also played an important role in planning of the city for almost 700 years. The Zocalo is situated just one block away from Templo Mayor which is regarded as the center of the Universe according to Aztec legend.

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