Top 10 Hotels in USA 2016

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3. Holiday Inn

Not to be confused with the 1942 Hollywood movie with the same name, although the name is indeed borrowed from the very movie itself, Holiday Inn is a US based hotel chain that was founded on August 1st 1952 in Memphis, Tennessee by Kemmons Wilson.

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The inspiration for what initially began as a motel chain came after a disappointing stint with the accommodation scene during a road trip the founder did with his family to Washington DC. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Holiday Inn has come a long way from being a motel chain to one of the world’s largest hotel chain with over 3600 properties to its name.

The hotel chain is not just limited to the Americas, in fact, it serves in all major destinations across Europe, Asia – Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Providing not just food and lodging services, but also meetings, conventions and timeshares, Holiday Inn is a subsidiary of the renowned British multinational hotel company the InterContinental Hotels Group and perfectly lives up to the brand name.

Famously branded as “The World’s Innkeeper”, Holiday Inn had pioneered roadside advertising with the catchy and iconic “The Great Sign”, which was later phased out during the 1980s. The hotel chain operates several brands and corresponding services to be able to cater to a wider audience, namely, Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, Resort, Club Vacations which operate on the time share manner, Garden Court – which operate to reflect national culture and operate in South Africa and Europe, and the Holiday Inn Express brand which operate with fewer amenities and services and appeal to middle class customers. Their commitment to service and hospitality is reflected in their saying “Under our green sign, everyone is welcome”.

Net Revenue ($ Million)= 6200

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