Top 10 Media & Broadcasting Companies in the World 2016

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Media and broadcasting companies have impacted the lives of every individual across the world. From news to TV shows to movies to events to other areas of mass media, media and broadcasting companies have established themselves as leading businesses globally. The top media & broadcasting companies include Comcast, Walt Disney, Time Warner Inc, Time Warner Cable, 21st Century Fox along with brands like WPP, Viacom, Vivendi, CBS Corporation and Sky. Here is the list of the top 10 media and broadcasting companies in the world 2016.

10. Sky plc

Sky plc, formerly known as British sky broadcasting (BSkyB), is Europe’s biggest and leading media company.

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The company was founded in 1990 by the equal merger of British satellite broadcasting and Sky television. The company has a wide base of viewers around 17million and is the top-paid television provider in United Kingdom.


Company’s cutting-edge service enables the customers to access more than 350 channels related to sports, news, movies and entertainment. The latest technology of direct satellite broadcasting was thought by Murdoch, CEO of BSkyB in mid-1980s. The company’s mission is to grow the subscriber base through high quality service.

The company also owned broadcast rights of Premier League from 1992 to 2007 until their monopoly was ended by European commission. BSkyB launched digital service in 1998 which gained a huge success and within a month, company sold over 100,000 digiboxes. In early 2000s, company initiated the first interactive advertising campaign and rolled out Sky Active.

Revenue: USD 12550 million

Net income: USD 1646 million

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