Top 10 Travel Websites in World 2016

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9. Lonely Planet

Originally owned by BBC Worldwide, it was bought by Brad Kelley’s NC2 Media for $77million in 2013.

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It is the world’s largest travel guide book publisher with 120 mn books in 11 different languages. Founded by the married couple Tony and Maureen Wheeler, they wrote their first book that consisted of only 94 pages, and within a week, it sold 1500 copies.

After the success of their first booklet, they decided to write a travel guide for the Asia subcontinent. Originally known as Lonely Planet Publications, they changed their name to Lonely Planet in July 2009 to show its broad coverage of the travel and tourism industry.

The guide book series first publication was the India Travel guide that was published in 1981 and started expanding its roots in Asia and soon it was known worldwide. Lonely Planet, as of today, has presence in written media through magazines, internet through its website and ‘the Thorn Tree’ community but the community was closed in 2012 as the reviews did not adhere to Lonely Planet’s values and television through its various travel TV series in various countries. After its acquisition, Houghton (present CEO) restructured the company and wanted to get the latest information about locations in real time and termed it as “new content model”. Lonely Planet is still developing this model which will help users with real time information.

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