Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2017

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8. JBS

If we talk of the only non-European and non-American company in the list of top ten FMCG companys JBS will occur to your mind.

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The comany is Headquartered in Annapolis Brazil and was established in 1953 by Jose Batista Sobrinho who was a farmer in Annapolis and is the biggest maker of factory processed meat. Before 1980 it was a local organization in Brazil with factories.


From that point the export global model has taken after. It has extended its size after a series of mergers and acquisitions which helped them to enter associated showcases and unite existing markets and its securing of Gurpo Bertin in 2009 which was one of the market pioneer in Brazil made it the greatest player globally.

As of now handling plants of JBS are in major meat consuming market Brazil, Argentina, U.S.A and Australia and through these plants which exported to 110 meat markets in 2014 JBS recorded incomes of $45 billion and benefit of around 0.895 billion. Among the top 10 FMCG organizations list JBS aggregate has the least per dollar benefit which shows that at present it is in growing model with recently acquired Tyson Foods subsidies in 2014. Likewise, it holds huge stake in Traveler Pride in U.S, making its presence felt in poultry business in U.S and it had also made offer for securing Hillshire marks in U.S. once it’s operations and synergies from various acquisition starts aggregating the profits of JBS are bound to rise.

Sales ($Bn): 54.16

Profits ($Bn): 0.12

Countries: 110

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