Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2017

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6. The Coca Cola Company

Mostly referred as Coca Cola Coke, created by John Pemberton from therapeutic syrup created to give moment vitality and refreshment in the late nineteenth century and Asa Griggs Candler a representative purchased out it.

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His advertising strategies drove Coca-Cola to overwhelm the world soda pop market over whole twentieth century. It is head quartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


Two unique ingredients, which were kola nuts (a wellspring of caffeine) and coca leaves prompted the name Coca Cola. The equation of making is as yet a competitive innovation however numerous other formulae are there in the market. Coca cola follows the franchise model in which concentrated syrups are sold to various bottlers who manage the worlds distribution.

Through series of acquisitions like thumbs up an Indian brand and minute maid, coca cola has increased its product portfolio and has 17 billion USD plus brands. In 2016 it recorded a revenue of 41.83 billion USD and profit of 6.55 billion USD. For diversifying to other businesses it has tried purchasing Columbia picture   but afterwards sold that to Sony so that it can focus on its core products. Playing on emotional connect coca cola has been able to build its brand over the year in which it claims to sell happiness apart from just a soft drink. Talking about PepsiCo which is coca cola’s rival coca cola is less diversified which has been the factor of it being largest soft drink seller in the world. Health related issues due to its flagship bran owe it a lot of criticism.

Sales ($Bn): 41.83

Profits ($Bn): 6.55

Countries: 180

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