Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2017

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3. PepsiCo

The name of Pepsico company might mislead people in believing that it is a company which sells Pepsi and other carbonated drinks.

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But the company today has a global portfolio of brands and has a global presence across more than 100 countries worldwide. It is somewhat similar in its origin to Coca Cola where the formula of Pepsi changed hands and in 1931 finally Pepsi Cola company was formed by Charles Guth.


Before 1960 Pepsi cola company expanded through acquisitions of beverage like Mountain Dew and then finally in 1966 by the merger of Pepsi and Fritolay PepsiCo which we know now was created.  PepsiCo vision is to be the largest food and Beverages Company.

Also the business of aerated drinks which has made its name famous accounts for less than 50 % of its total revenues. If we look at the revenue and profit figures of the company it is largest food and Beverages Company in United States and is ranked 2nd after Nestle in the world. Major growth attributers for Pepsico are series of acquisition of brands like Tropicana, Quarter Oats and Gatorade.

Indian origins CEO of PepsiCo is Indira Nooyi and has successfully lead the company since 2006. PepsiCo's entrance to business sectors like Russia through organizations like William-Bann Sustenance can be credited to its obtaining of binge in nourishment business. Additionally, to offer rivalry to Coco-cola organization PepsiCo has purchased the two biggest packaging organizations in North America and who have built up themselves as auxiliaries of PepsiCo. Expansions like this has helped PepsiCo survived downturns and have given PepsiCo assets to extend all the more fastly. In 2016 it recorded $62.7 billion income and near $6.379 billion of benefits shutting in with expanded organization like Unilever despite the fact that its portfolio is constrained to nourishment and refreshments section. It has presence in over 200 countries. Prior PepsiCo had noteworthy stakes in acclaimed brands like Pizza Cabin, KFC Taco Chime and so forth yet in 1997 PepsiCo stripped its stake with the primary motivation behind concentrating on snacks and refreshments organizations.

Sales ($Bn): 62.7

Profits ($Bn): 6.379

Countries: 200

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