Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in World 2017

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The company was originally found as a technical unit of Dun & Bradstreet 1996 headquartered in Chennai by Kumar Mahadeva.

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Later Dun&Bradstreet spun off their subsidiary companies to form Cognizant and head quarters moved to New Jersey, US and started serving external clients. Cognizant had a period of fast growth during the 2000s, becoming a Fortune 500 company in 2011 and now is the one of the world’s most admired IT service provider.

Cognizant mainly giving  information technology, information security, consulting, ITO and BPO services including usiness & technology consulting, systems integration, application development & maintenance, IT infrastructure services, analytics etc.

During the initial phase the company is split into two new major services, Nelson Media Research, and IMS Health and later, it became the public subsidiary of the IMS Health. But in 2003, Cognizant sold all its shares in the subsidiary .The company expanded its work from IT services to Outsourcing and business consulting as well. There was a fast growth in the success of Cognizant. On this course they increased number of their US clients and started to work and provide service in wide range of areas.Now Cognizant has around 1.5 lakh employees spanned all over the world and has a revenue of 13487m$ and is 8th in the Top IT Companies list for 2017.

Revenue :  13487m$

Profit :   1553m$

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