Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in World 2017

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One of the largest vendors of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP is a German multinational company mainly operates on data processing.

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SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products denoting their services. It was founded in 1972 and now has increased it’s service over 3 lakh customers in 180 countries of which 80% are small and medium sized businesses.

SAP provide real-time software systems and has a series of ERP softwares with the latest one SAP ERC 6.0. SAP systems enable clients to run their business processes despite of their type in an integrated environment ensuring that the information from one SAP component to another without the need for redundant data entry.

Now 75% of global business transactions are in contact with SAP system. In 2016 SAP was ranked number 3 in the list of largest software and programing companies behind Microsoft and Oracle. Company also focuses cloud computing and has acquired several that sell cloud based products.

Revenue :  22062m$

Profit :   3634m$

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