Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in World 2017

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International Business Machine, shortly known as IBM is one of the largest IT companies in the world with about 400000 employees all over the world with it’s headquarters in Armonk, NY US.

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IBM was founded in 1911 as Computing Tabulating and Recording Company (CTR ) and now has increased its operations across 175 countries. During the course of years IBM has made tremendous innovations and services with a huge number of 26000 patents in US itself and even bagged 5 Nobel Prizes.

IBM made it’s mark in 1900s being an innovative company creating first Tabulator, Printer, HDD, and floppy disks followed by Personal computers and Operating systems in post 1970s.

By 2000 IBM sold out its PC division to Lenovo and started to grow its software and consultancy services. Today almost 97% of Banks all over the world depends on IBM services and making it the largest host of online transactions. IBM has also stepped into cloud computing having ‘IBM Cloud’ as a leading platform for the enterprise. Having Global Business Service and Global Technology Service as two streams for Consultancy and research IBM has become the lead performer of IT industry with flying colors .

Revenue :  79919m$

Profit :   11872$

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Rank Methodology:

1. 15 top IT companies in the world are taken

2. Parameters like Revenues and Profits are considered and given weights

3. Weighted average of these parameters are used to find out the total score and get the final ranks

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