Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2017

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Top mobile brands have taken the world by storm in recent years. Mobile Phones, Smartphones and devices are present in almost every country in the world. Every person accesses mail, news, games, work on a mobile phone today. Mobiles are changing the technology and business alike. Top mobile brands include Apple, Samsung and Chinese brands like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Vivo followed by LG, ZTE and TCL. Here is the list of top 10 global mobile phone brands in the world 2017 based on number of total mobile shipments.

Customer preferences are changing very quickly and hence it is a world of constant innovation for these best mobile phone companies. High res cameras, faster processors, ease of use, style etc are all important differentiators between these top smartphone brands and the new emerging mobile companies. The industry is constantly evolving with the biggest mobile phone companies investing billions of dollars annually to design the finest handsets and maximise their customer base. Let us have a look at these top mobile phone brands globally in 2017.

Quick Glance :

Top Mobile Brands in World 2017 are

1st Place : Samsung

2nd Place : Apple

3rd Place : Huawei

4th Place : Oppo

5th Place : Vivo

6th Place : LG

7th Place : Xiaomi

8th Place : Lenovo

9th Place : ZTE

10th Place : TCL (Alcatel)

For More details about rankings and parameters, read on.

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Top Mobile Brands 2017 Ranking with Parameters (Shipment Units):

10. TCL (Alcatel)

Alcatel are the brand of mobile phones offered by TCL communication, which are one of the leading smartphone players worldwide. TCL communication is a leader in telecom equipment, internet products etc.

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TCL is a popular and highly recognizable global mobile brand in the smartphone industry and has a strong presence in over 160 countries. Apart from being a strong smartphone manufacturer, the company has also become a top tablet manufacturer as compared to other players.

TCL (Alcatel) offers a wide variety of features in its smartphones like internet connectivity, high resolution cameras, touch screens, high battery life etc. TCL (Alcatel) has a wide range of products in its offering. One of its most popular brand is Flash, which runs Android 6.0 and has a 3100mAh battery which cannot be removed. Some of the other popular brands offered by Alcatel are U5, Pixi series, Idol series, OneTouch series etc. Alcatel is popular among consumers as its caters to not only the higher segments but also offers simpler low cost smartphones which can are easily affordable by a larger segment in the market. Alcatel is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent which is used under the license by telecom and electronics company TCL Communication. Apart from business, the company has also focused on CSR activities and given a lot of importance to environment and safety of its customers. The company has often used prominent events to launch its mobile phones, 4G enabled devices, tablets etc, which help the TCL brand create a strong buzz among customers and become one of the top mobile brands in the world.

Shipment (Units) : 38 Million

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