Top 10 Consumer Electronics Companies in the World 2017

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Sony is a Japanese MNC founded on 7th May, 1946, by a former naval lieutenant named Akio Morita and a defense contractor named Masaru Ibuka.

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It was originally called TTK, which is an acronym for “Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation”. The company started out by producing rice cookers soon after inception, and eventually diversified its product line into television screens, chemicals, smart phones, laptops etc, and now is one of the most easily recognisable consumer electronics brand worldwide.

Sony came up with its first product, the tape recorder, in 1950. Demand for this product was not very high, and Sony had to resort to creating demand by giving free copies of “999 Uses of the Tape Recorder” with every tape recorder sold. The ploy was successful and sales actually shot up drastically.

In 1952, the company added a transistor to the TTK radio being sold already, and renamed it as “Sony”. Mass production of the Sony, however, only began in1955. Owing to the tremendous success of the product, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation was renamed as Sony Corporation. Sony soon established Sony Chemicals to produce adhesives and plastics in 1962. 1965 saw Sony establish a joint venture with Tetratonix to begin manufacturing oscillators. In 1971, Sony came up with its first VCR, which won an Emmy award for Engineering Excellence.

1979 witnessed the release of Sony’s vastly popular Walkman. The compact cassette tape player, with its lightweight headphones was such a huge success that similar products from competitors were also known by the same name by customers. In 1982, Sony came out with its line of CD players after heavy investment into R&D in the same year. Sony acquired Apple Computers’ hard disk technology operations in 1984.

Sony acquired Columbia pictures in the year 1989, and thus Sony Pictures, which was behind the production of blockbusters like Spiderman, Hancock, The Da Vinci Code etc. , was born. In 1994, Sony released the Playstation. The Vaio line of PCs was released in 1997, while the Playstation 2 came up in 2000.

Sony is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo and employs 1,89,700 employees. The current CEO of the company is Kazuo Hirai.

Revenue (USD) : 23.66 Billion

Profit (USD) : 1.77 Billion

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