Top 10 Telecom Companies in the World 2017

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5. Telefonica

Telefonica is a Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider.

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Telefonica has operations in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Central America. The company’s vision is as follows “Digital life is life itself, and technology is an essential part of being human, We want to create, protect and boost connections in life so people can choose a world of unlimited possibilities”.

It operates in 21 countries and has a client base of 344.67 million. It is a 100% Listed Company with more than 1.5 million shareholders. The major shareholders are: BlackRock, BBVA, Societe Generale, CaixaBank, Norges Bank.  Its most well-known commercial brands are Movistar, O2 and Vivo.

The company earned a consolidated revenue of Euros 52,036 in the Financial Year 2016 (January – December). In 2016, there was continuous improvement in terms of customer base with a 17% increase in smartphone customers in the quarter ending December 2016. There was a decrease in Net Financial Debt and the final balance stood at 48,595 million Euros on 31st December, 2016. The Capital Expenditure for 2016 was 8,928 million Euros.

Telefonica is also a supporter of HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) initiative. In this initiative, the emphasis lies on establishing an open European standard for hybrid set-top boxes using a single user interface. The company also offers mobile-money services using the Sybase 365 Mobile wallet systems via Telefonica Dynamic. The company through its program “Telefonica Open Future” aims to lay emphasis on viable projects and assists in connecting it with potential investors.

Subs (Mn): 344.67

Rev ($Bn): 54.80

Net Income ($Bn): 16.07

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