Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in India 2017

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Mphasis is one India’s leading IT consulting, IT services and Business Process Outsourcing company.

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It was formed in the year 2000 after the merger of Mphasis corporation and BFL Software Limited. They have an irrevocable reputation of providing end to end seamless service to their customers and it offers innovative, customized superior value in their clients value chain.

They are assessed at P-CMM level 5 maturity levels as well as ISO 9001 certified. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru and Mr. Davinder Singh Brar is the Chairperson and Mr Ganesh Ayyar is the present CEO. Ganesh Ayyar, the CEO of the organization, was named as the "Chief of the year" at CEO Connections' 2016 Mid Market Awards and the "President of the year - Gold victor" by One Planet Awards 2017.

They have six autonomous business units: Compaq Development Center, Tandem arrangement, Applications, Systems and Networking, Products and Y2K. The company has chosen some vertical segments where they have high end expertise such as banking. In 2012, they unveiled their marketing strategy by which they concentrated in sales and marketing and sustainable relationship with their clients. Agility is their core value embedded in the DNA of this company and they are very quick in adopting to changing market dynamics and

The Company has a total revenue of 2,954 crores in last four quarters with a total net income of 540 crores.

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