Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in World 2017

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7. Merck

New Jersey based company which recently was in news for the innovation in the treatment of keytruda in 2014.

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This company has a long history, it was started in the 1800s by Merck family of Germany, and this was one of the 6 drugs with got FDA endorsement at that time. Merck was a pretty old company which was started in the year 1668 by Merck family, and it is famous for the innovative work it has done in the field of medication.

It is also famous for “The Merck Manuals”, top class reference books for the Doctors, medical caretakers and students. Merck having a mission of providing innovative products and services that save people around the world, it is achieving it by investing so much in Research and development. It is also into animal health products.

The 125 year old company has truly mastered in the medicine sector. It owns thousands of patents in their name. The company’s core values also drive the innovation in them, by this the employees in the company has been satisfied and has achieved trust in the society.  Company operates in more than 140 countries with 68000 employees all across the globe.

The company had revenue of $39.8B in the FY2016 with the growth rate of 1.06%.

Revenues: $39.8B

Growth rate: 1.06%

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