Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in World 2017

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4. Novartis

Novartis is Basel, Switzerland based company, which serves customers worldwide with its products.

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The company has practical experience in improvement of natural treatments, and has the presence in over 155 countries with the workforce of more than a million; with this Novartis has been the one of top pharma company in the Europe. The company’s revenue was $48 billion with a negative growth of 2%.

Novartis’ mission statements emphasis on inventing the new ways to improve the life of the people. Novartis is one of the leading companies who is striving hard to make the lives of the people better by giving the people the lowest price for the drug. It has also created many communities and apps to better understand the disease. Novartis also help patients and their family by providing them sufficient resources to them. Company has also included many of the initiatives for the lower income people like shared value, zero profit initiatives and more. Novartis bats on integrity, transparency and environmental sustainability.  The company is also one of the most admired companies of the world by fortune’s list. Also it has won many awards like prix galian award in the year 2013, included in Dow jones sustainability world index.  It has also created a vision for 2020 and 2030 in the field of environment, the detailed list has been provided in the company website.

Company’s main medications incorporate Gleevec for Malignancy and Gilenya for various Sclerosis.

Revenues: $48.52B

Growth rate: -2.00%

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