Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in World 2017

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2. Pfizer

Pfizer, a company based in New York, USA, which has its presence spread across the world, is one of the largest pharma brands.


Pfizer is famous for the antibody drugs, and it has created many drugs in oncology, cardiology and immunology. Pfizer’s revenue in 2015 was 48 billion USD and in 2016 increased 8.00% to make revenue of $52.80 billion, which shows its strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

It has a presence in over 150 countries. The company’s blockbuster drugs include Celebrex, Liptor. Company also acquired Hospira for a whopping $17 B, which gave them more strength in generic products. Pfizer has partnered with many with many Non-profit organisations, hospitals and Government foundations to address the health care challenges. It also believes in the Innovation and healthcare delivery so it has encouraged many social entrepreneurs, scientists and local organisations.

In 2016, it launched the campaign involving the scientists which became viral. Pfizer is always criticised of highly price but the spokespeople have defended it by saying they have optimised the cost. Pfizer remains one of the premier pharma companies, the research of the company are also leaned towards the rare diseases division. Annual report is also created by the company to report the on-going events in the medical field. Company also hold their values high and they have implemented in their day-to-day life. Company also contributes to NGO like, which gives knowledge of the healthier life styles and to live longer

Revenues: S52.80B

Growth rate: 8.00%

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