Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in World 2017

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1. Johnson and Johnson

Topping the list of the pharma companies is Johnson and Johnson which has been consistently a power performer in the pharm industry.


J&J has engaged itself in the areas of research and development, manufacture and healthcare, and has three segments which are Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices. Products related to health and wellbeing of the humans is the company’s primary focus, and it has been doing that consistently for many years globally.

Its revenue in 2016 was $71.9B with growth rate being 2.57% in 2015-16. Company has named its pharma department as Janssen. Company is pioneered in the production of Hepatitis C and Joint inflammation. Company has a presence of more than 60 countries with more than 125000 employees. With this large number also it was awarded best place to work in 2013. It publishes one of the best texts on surgery known as “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment”.

The company has made it strong hold due to its innovation. Company has won many awards in this category like Prix Galian Award in 2014.

The company has more than 250 subsidiaries as of 2016. The company has acquired many. Johnson and Johnson have uniquely position to mitigate the challenging health problems. Other than this company has taken seriously about the Sustainable Development Goals2030 of UN, It has been the signing member and also it is contributing a lot in this direction. It launched at successful campaign called “donate a selfie” in which for every photo upload, J&J will donate $1 for the poor. This created a good social impact. Company has also committed to donate more than $1million for 90 cities to mitigate the Air pollution.

Revenues: $71.9B

Growth rate: 2.57%

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Rank Methodology:

1. The leading pharma companies in the world are considered

2. Parameters like revenues and growth rates are considered for the evaluation

3. Revenues are given 70% and growth rates are given 30% weightages

4. Based on these, a final score is calculated, which is used to evaluate the final ranks.

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