Top 10 eCommerce Companies in the World 2017

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6. Priceline

Priceline is one of the foremost firms to make money from internet through its online travel services.

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It is the marketplace for transport services, and they make reservations for airlines, rental cars, cruises, tourist packages & hotel bookings. Just to show how big the firm was, William Shatner who was a spokesperson for priceline sold his share of Priceline which he earned by promoting and made 600 million dollars right before the dot-com bubble burst.


They started the “Name your price” model to promote online yard sales, gasoline, groceries. Under this model you both parties get a good bargain by haggling around the price and exchange goods at mutual convenience. They have ventured into promoting microfinance and money lending through “Name your rate” where you can haggle for the interest rate at which you’d want to avail the loan. If there are lenders at that price, you can avail that loan after furnishing enough security for the loan that they are going to take.

Though they have their own marketplace model for sales of products, they never stood chance with players like Amazon, eBay where there is not much scope for bargain owing to the fact that most products sold on those platforms are new and have fixed rates(MRPs).

They formed string network of hotels, airlines who want to work with priceline and has been working for commissions ever since. They are the parent model for ticket booking services in various countries. Examples are ctrip in China and makemytrip in India.

Revenue: $10.7 million

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