Top 10 eCommerce Companies in the World 2017

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Otto was established by OTTO Frank who was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Otto is a company that provides online shopping mainly for sports, fashion and furnishings. The product range of Otto went online for the first time in 1995, and after two years the entire product catalogue was published online, which covered an entire product line for the customers to choose from.


It mainly gets its revenues from the online digital shopping portal. More than 80% of their total turnover is made by online purchases of the customers. Customers can easily look for the products they need, add them to their shopping basket and can order all of them at a time.

In shopping category, this website has received the highest rating in the year 2012.  OTTO has the largest employment network in Europe. They provide temporary jobs for the workers in various countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Poland. Since its establishment in the Netherlands in 2000, OTTO Company offers employment on a large scale to people in their home countries. With a privately owned work force, OTTO operates in Western and Central Europe out of 50 offices. OTTO group has more than 25 subsidiaries.

The Otto Group is being benefitted largely through its service companies from the boom in e-commerce. Whatever might be the domain for e.g. sourcing, marketing, data analysis, payment or logistics, this Otto group has the best solution to meet all requirements of retail related services with its broad portfolio.  In addition to this, the group is constantly developing new service concepts for e-commerce in their innovation forge, Liquid Labs.

Revenue: $ 12.1 Billion

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