Top 10 eCommerce Companies in the World 2017

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3. Walmart

Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, and it is an American retailing company.


This business is owned and controlled by a family called the Walton Family, and it operates as a large chain of Discounted stores, Hyper Markets and also Grocery stores. As of 2017 reports, it operates in 28 countries worldwide and also has 11500+ stores, and it is also operated by different names in different countries.


In United States and Canada, it operates as Walmart. It operates as Best Price in India. It operates as Seiyu Group in Japan. Sam’s club warehouses were also owned by Walmart.

It has the largest private employer base which is 2.3 million.  Walmart entered with a motto to revolutionize retail shopping experience, whether the customer is online, in a store or on a mobile device. Starting in US, Walmart is looking to make foreign direct investments or collaborations in other countries like Japan, India, China and other developing countries. Though it has tough competition from smaller vendor stores and Target they seem to make leaps towards to boundless revenues.

In 2000, was founded, allowing U.S. customers to shop online. Walmart is known for its social commitments, goals to create zero waste, environmental sustainability, using renewable energy for utilities and sell products that doesn’t pollute environment. Under Rob Walton’s leadership, as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Walmart has garnered the image of True American Company having worked for increasing minimum wages of workers, committing to purchase finished goods USA domestic shops.

Revenue: $ 13 Billion

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