Top 10 eCommerce Companies in the World 2017

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2. Alibaba

This Company was found in 1999 in China and Jack Ma was the founder of this company.


It was initially lead by only 18 people, providing B2B and B2C services Alibaba takes the 2nd spot on the top ecommerce companies in the world list. Starting from selling goods that were produced by local people to international markets it have risen to a place where it has become global leader in online marketing.


It generates merchandise in large volumes that dominates Amazon and Ebay. It provides services like a search engine for hopping, data centric cloud computing servies and also electronic payment services.

It also has 63% of online commercial trade in China. They provide infrastructural and technological products to merchants, brands, other businesses, small industries. They have their businesses expanding into core commerce, Digital media, Entertainment, Cloud computing. They also provide logistics support to local services sectors. Providing a platform to share social interactions among its consumers and merchants it is renowned as one big reason for flourishing small businesses houses in China.

It started expanding into the markets by always showing an increase in revenue by 3 digit percent every year. Two Alibaba’s portals have recorded a sales of 1.1 trillion Yuan in 2012. By 2014 the value of its assets has reached 231 US billion dollars. By 2016, it surpassed Walmart. It also encouraged the uppliers from various other countries but mainly concentrated in the suppliers from China. In order to achieve sustainability in long run, Business models and systems are built which lasts.

Revenue: $ 15.6 Billion

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