Top 10 Banks in the World 2017

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9. ING Bank

Headquartered in Amsterdam, ING Bank is a Dutch bank specializing in asset management, insurance services, commercial banking and investment banking.


It is a member of the Inter Alpha Group of Banks, a co-operative consortium of 11 prominent European banks, and the firm has been included in the list of Global Systemically important banks since 2012. ING Bank traces its roots to two major organizations – the Fire insurance company of the Netherlands and the Nederlandsche Middenstands Bank (NMB).

The Fire insurance company of the Netherlands was established in 1845, and was the first Dutch insurance company to establish branches outside of the Netherlands. The company soon changed its name to De Nederlanden van 1845. In 1863, the National Life Insurance Bank was founded with its headquarters in Rotterdam. Both companies made a series of acquisitions before finally merging in 1963. The resulting organization would be known as Nationale-Nederlanden, which itself grew rapidly over the subsequent decades by making numerous acquisitions.

In 1881, the Dutch government created a postal savings system with the aim of encouraging workers to develop the habit of saving. By 1921, services such as Postcheque and Girodienst were added to the same organization. After restructuring happening in 1927, this organization came to be called the Nederlandsche Middenstands Bank (NMB). It started focussing on retail banking henceforth. In 1991, the above mentioned firms finally merged into what is now the ING Group. The ING Group also made many acquisitions in its journey to its present stature, such as the acquisitions of Parcom(1994), wellington(1995), Bank Mendes Gans(1997), Clarion and the Belgian bank BBL (1998), Aetna(2000)  and Allianc of Canada(2004). Currently, the firm is present in 21 countries worldwide, and employs over 84,000 employees. The current CEO of the group is Ralph Hamers.

Revenue (in Billion of USD): 48.2

Net Profit (in Billion of USD): 19

Assets (in Billion of USD): 921

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