Top 10 Sports Brands in the World 2017

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Sports companies have become massive businesses owing to their huge presence across countries and high brand loyalty. Customers worldwide seek the latest in sports equipment, trendiest sportswear and hence, the market for these sports companies is massive. These Sports or Sportswear companies spend aggressively on marketing and sponsorship, and thus have a tremendous popularity appeal and brand presence. The top sports brands include companies like Nike, Adidas, Underarmour, Puma, Asics, Converse etc. Here is the list of the top 10 sports brands of the world 2017.

The best sportswear brands in the world are associated with all major sports in the world like football, cricket, hockey etc. For all major sporting events like Olympics & World Cups, the largest sports companies in the world have a big role to play as sponsors. The most prominent strategy of the biggest sports companies is to rope in celebrities like Ronaldo, Messi, Federer, Serena Williams, Tendulkar etc. This helps them attract a huge fan base who are lured as customers.

Quick Glance at Top Sports Brands in the World 2017

1st place: Nike

2nd place: Adidas

3rd place: DKS

4th place: Underarmour

5th place: Puma

6th place: Skechers

7th place: Asics

8th place: Columbia Sportswear

9th place: Northface

10th place: Converse

For More details about rankings and parameters, read on.

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10. Converse

Founded by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908, Converse is an American MNC that manufactures apparel, skating shoes and lifestyle brand footwear.

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Converse has been acquired by Nike in 2003 but still retains its brand because of its strong brand presence. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachussets, United States and currently headed by Jim Calhoun, CEO and President of Converse.

The features that distinguish Converse are the All Star’s rubber sole, smooth rounded top, and wrap-around strip. Converse All Stars, also known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars, are casual shoes developed by Converse which has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1949.

The most widely recognized shoes are made from cotton canvas. The company sells sportswear in over 160 countries.

Revenue(in million USD):2000

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