Top 10 Public Sector (PSU) Companies in India 2017

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4. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

The origin of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited can be traced back to 1880’s when the Burma Oil Company was formed to explore and refine petroleum products.

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Since then over the course of history capped with multiple achievements the company signed agreement with government of India in 1951 and later was taken over in 1976 by the Indian government and renamed as Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. The corporation has 4 refineries in operation currently namely the Mumbai Refinery, Kochi Refinery, Numaligarh Refinery and Bina Refinery (Oman).


The company wants to find profitable growth opportunity amid highly competitive environment. They also invest in developing and nurturing world class talent and strive to achieve excellence in all their operations. Innovation, Care and Reliability form the core DNA of this company which have multiple businesses from refineries, aviation, cooking fuels to providing commercial & industrial fuels.

The corporation has close to 8000 industrial customers from both private and public undertakings. Some of the most prominent customers of BPCL in this segment are Indian Army, Railways, State transportation and electricity boards. Some of their products are gases, bitumen, fuels, solvents, etc. MAX lubricants and Bharatgas are most coveted brands of BPCL. The company has close to 14,000 fuel stations and offer products from Petrol/Diesel to Speed fuels and LPG. They have programmes to incentivise the customers like PetroBonus for motorists and SmartFleet for commercial trucks. Apart from this, they are developing strong expertise on alternative, greener energy fuels.

Bharat Petroleum is ranked as Fourth best PSU in India with market capitalisation of Rs. 52,007 Crores and Net income and net profits of Rs. 1,89,432 crores and Rs. 8,747 crores respectively.

Market Capitalisation (INR Crores): 52007.83

Net Income (INR Crores): 189432.51

Net Profit (INR Crores): 8747.33

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