Top 10 Public Sector (PSU) Companies in India 2017

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1. Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL)

The Indian Oil Corporation was first established in the year 1959 as Indian Oil Company and later merged with Indian refineries limited in 1964 to form Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

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It is by far the largest Indian corporation having expertise from refining till marketing of petroleum and its allied products. It has a number of subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, UAE, etc with the total refining capacity of 80+ MMTPA, making it the largest oil & gas company in India.


The company controls almost half of the refineries in the country and constantly works to upgrade existing installed capacities to remain competitive in the highly volatile industry. The pipeline network of Indian Oil spans around 12,000 km out of which 5000 km of crude oil pipeline with capacity to carry 40.4 MMTPA, 7000 km of product pipeline with capacity of 45 MMTPA and 140 km of Gas pipeline. The company has close to about 45,000 customer contact points throughout the country. This includes about 25,000 fuel stations spread across the country.

Mr. B Ashok is the current chairman of IOCL. The corporation plays a vital role in securing the energy needs of the country and also to provide high quality products that are eco-friendly for the environment. Some of the brands of IOCL include Indane cooking gas which is used in about 10 crores households. SERVO, XTRAPREMIUM, PROPEL are other famous brands under IOCL. The company has a state of the art R&D centre in Faridabad where they are working on next gen energy fuels like harnessing solar power, hydrogen cells, synthetics, shale oil, etc.

Indian Oil is the number one PSU in India with market capitalisation of Rs.1,06,793 crores and Net income and profit of Rs.3,58,272 crores and Rs 17,071 crores respectively.

Market Capitalisation (INR Crores): 106793.49

Net Income (INR Crores): 358272.22

Net Profit (INR Crores): 17071.03

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