Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2017

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8. Uniqlo

A Japanese designer, manufacturer and retailer, Uniqlo is a brand known worldwide for casual wear.

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Founded in 1949 in Yamaguchi, Japan this company now employs over 30,000 employees and is currently headquartered at Tokyo. Deriving the name from unique clothing, it is not a luxury-clothing brand but is widely accepted as a casual wear, minimalist clothing brand.


The brand sells exclusively through Uniqlo stores across the world and its major stores are in Japan (841), China (457) and other Asian countries along with stores in US and European countries. The company took services of a major consulting company related to merchandising, display, store-design and visual merchandising which helped it become a success across the globe. The cheap manufacturing in China prompted the company to outsource its manufacturing activities to China and these low-cost goods proved to be popular in recession-ridden Japan.

The company currently has a brand value of $ 9.6 million and plans to be the biggest Specialty retailer of private label apparel in the whole world by 2020.  Its current CEO is Tadashi Yanai and its current revenue is approximately $ 10 billion.

Revenue (million $): 10000

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