Top 10 Logistics Companies in India 2017

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3. FedEx

With unmatched transportation infrastructure and air routes supported by leading cutting edge technology, FedEx has become the most reliable service provided shipping 3.6 million shipments each working day.

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Established in the year 1973, Memphis Tennessee United states, the company is well known for its overnight shipment and pioneering real time tracking of the package location. In the year 1983, it became the first US business to have earned revenue of US 1 billion dollars without mergers and acquisition.


From there it went on acquiring companies expanding its global presence. Today it is recognized as one of the top 20 super brands in UK, awarded first place in Supply chain integrity innovator of the year and a great place to work.

FedEx connects the world by five regions outside US, which include Indian Subcontinent and Africa, Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Latin America, Caribbean. They serve across more than 220 nations across these regions. It believes that with their services spread across so many nations it’s their responsibility to deliver those resources that improve the lives they have touched. Through FedEx foundation they help in transportation in disaster times and ensure road and pedestrians safety along with connecting the world responsibly. Also through E smart initiative they are taking steps towards sustainable business operations and are moving forward to make difference beyond the way of their business practices through steps like e-waste recycling drives and community clean-up projects so that these provide tangible benefits to environment , its customers, team members and the business as whole.

Revenue: $57.6 billion Dollars

Profit: $1.9 billion Dollars

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