Top 10 Logistics Companies in India 2017

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1. DHL

Established in the year 1969 in United States DHL today has expanded its services throughout the world.

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With global presence in more than 220 nations and workforce exceeding more than 3,50,000 employees giving solutions to infinite number of logistics requirements, it is one of the largest companies. DHL today is the leader in postal and logistics services encompassing the business units: DHL parcel, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, DHL Express, DHL ecommerce and DHL supply chain focussing logistics as their core business.


In India, it has its head office located in Mumbai with the aim to connect people and improve their lives. With the vision to be the logistics company of the world, not just in terms of global presence but beyond their ability to provide unique logistics solutions, from managing the complexity of supply chains and everything in between to deliver excellence day in and day out and making life simpler for its customers, employees, investors and the society and make world a better place to live.

With this vision they have their strategy 2020 to focus- connect- grow. Focusing on what made them successful, from considering logistics as their main business to sticking to their commitments. Connecting across their organization to share the expertise available across entire workforce and grow into new market segments which has the potential to gain more market share and gain more success.

DHL has also several awards in its name bagging best customer award year on year in various operating nations. When it comes to giving back to the society, CSR has been the integral part of their strategy, Living Responsibility as the motto. The strategies include go green, go help and go teach to become the benchmark for responsible business. With continuous encouragement to its employees to broaden their horizon and fulfil their potential to make a global difference, today DHL is the world’s leading logistics company providing diverse opportunities.

Revenue: 57334 million euros

Profit: 2639 million euros

Rank Methodology:

To arrive at this list following methodology was used

Step 1: Top 20 companies were shortlisted based on their sales and revenue

Step 2: 3 Parameters Revenues, Profits were scaled using Min-Max Normalization

Step 3: Normalized values were weighted with 50% Revenue, 50% Net income

Step 4: Based on the values, ranking was done.

Step 5: When Q4 results were not available, the results of previous financial year was considered for calculation

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