Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies in the World 2017

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Oil and gas companies are extremely important in driving the business growth of companies worldwide. Not only do they provide fuel to individuals who have cars or distribute to homes, they are also the fuel to driving manufacturing companies and enterprises. Petrol, diesel, CNG etc are some of the major products given by the largest oil and gas companies in the world. The top oil and gas companies include names like PetroChina, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, BP, Aramco, Total, Chevron etc. Here is the list of the top 10 oil and gas companies in the world 2017 based on Revenue, Profit and Oil Barrel Production Volume.

The best oil and gas companies in the world have a huge network spread through pipelines and a strong distribution network worldwide. The industry is at an all time high in product, with the biggest oil & gas brands producing in excess of 2 million barrels per day. With the growing business across the world, this figure is only going to drive the petrol, oil, gas, diesel business globally.

Quick Glance at the Top Oil and Gas Companies in World 2017

1st place: PetroChina

2nd place: Royal Dutch Shell

3rd place: Exxon Mobil

4th place: BP

5th place: Saudi Aramco

6th place: Total

7th place: Chevron

8th place: Kuwait Petroleum

9th place: Gazprom

10th place: Rosneft

For More details about rankings and parameters, read on.

Largest Oil and Gas Companies 2017 Ranking with Parameters (Revenue, Profit and Production Volume):

10. Rosneft

Based out of Russia, Rosneft is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

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The government of Russia has a major stake in Rosneft, which makes the company very strong when it comes to operations and financial stability as compared to other private institutions. The company was found as recently as 1993 as compared to some of the other oil and gas companies.

Rosneft has a strong business in Petroleum, Natural gas, Motor fuels and Petrochemicals. More than 250,000+ people are employed with the organization. The company has further increased its business with strong acquisitions across the world. As of 2016, Rosneft acquired a majority stake in Indian oil company Essar Oil. At its peak, the company had a staggering market value of in excess of 83 billion USD. With the growing businesses in Russia and its neighboring countries, the business of Rosneft is set to rise further, strengthening its market position in the oil and gas market.

Revenue billion USD: 89.1

Profit billion USD: 3.93

Production volume (Mn Barrels/Day): 2.6

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