Top 10 Power Companies in India 2017

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1.Power Grid Corporation Of India

Power Grid Corp of India has its head quarter in Gurgoan, India.

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Power Grid Corp is a state owned company which is known for the supply of electric utilities. As per the profits and Revenues generated by the power grid corporation in the last three quarters of 2016, it stands in the first place in the power generation in our country India.

It generates about 50 percent of total power produced in the country. It is mainly associated with National and Regional Load Dispatch Centers. It is responsible for maintaining, planning and operating these centers in India. There are three main segments in this company. These are Consultancy, Telecom and transmission. This Transmission segment takes care of the Grid management. This segment also includes the extra high voltage networks. This company has sub stations which are High voltage Direct current and Extra High Voltage Alternative Current. The tasks done by Consultancy segment includes project managing, finance, operating, maintaining, load dispatching, procurement, designing, Plan and engineering.  Infrastructure, Topologies and enterprise services are taken care of the Telecom segment. Control of the power system is taken care of the Smart Grid. This has altogether 210 sub stations.  As of last three quarters of 2016, the revenue of Power Grid Corporation is Rs. 24553.17 crores. The net profit of this company as of last three quarters of 2016 is 7202.84 crores. The installed power is 88537 Mega watts. So, taking these three factors into account “Poer grid corporation limited” stands in the first place in power generation in India.

Revenue (INR Cr): 24553.17

Net Profit (INR Cr): 7202.84

Installed Power (MW): 88537

Rank Methodology:

1. The leading power generation companies of India are considered

2. Parameters like revenues, net profits and installed power are considered and weightages of 0.3, 0.2 and 0.5 are given respectively

3. Based on this a final score is calculated and the final ranks are evaluated

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